The products cut by the ultrasonic label cutting machine with sensor are beautiful and elegant, without fading, cracking, blackening, and yellowing. The grade of the product has been improved a lot, and the profit is better. But why is its cutter so easy to wear?

To understand the cause of cutter wear, you must first understand its working principle:

Ultrasonic label cutting machine with sensor is a combination of ultrasonic welding technology and traditional shearing equipment. Its working principle is: when the ultrasonic generator is working, the ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding head through the ultrasonic transducer, so that the welding head It produces violent vibration and friction with the cutter, and then uses air pressure to make the cutter gradually approach the welding head, so as to achieve the purpose of shearing.

Ultrasonic label cutting machine with sensor is suitable for cutting ribbons and ribbons. The cutting knife is usually a straight knife, but sometimes the cutting knife shape is changed to achieve cutting bevel, trapezoid, parallelogram, dovetail, etc. Ultrasonic tape cutting machine is programmed by computer to realize parameter setting, so that the product can meet the needs of various industries.

So, what is the cause of cutter wear?

First of all, ultrasonic cutting tape uses high-speed friction and cutter pressure to achieve the cutting effect. Since friction is necessary, contact must be made. Although there is a ribbon (webbing) to provide a cushioning effect during the entire cutting process, the cutter and the ultrasonic steel The die is not in complete contact, but in the process of 200,000 vibrations per second, the cutter is falling under the action of air pressure, and then it vibrates and rubs with the ultrasonic welding head. The buffering effect is not very significant (especially in thinning The ribbon), the cutter and the ribbon (webbing) itself will also rub at high speed, which will cause the cutter to wear out. In addition, the action time of the compressed air is also delayed. The cutter cannot stop immediately due to inertia during the pressing process. It may cause the cutter to contact the ultrasonic welding head too deeply, and the wear of the cutter will also shorten the service life of the ultrasonic vibrator. This is why we have always emphasized that the air pressure cannot be too high during the cutting process. Therefore, during debugging, the air pressure should be reduced as much as possible on the premise of achieving the shearing effect.
Second, the ultrasonic cutting tape is cut through high-speed friction and pressure exceeding 20KHZ. Ultrasonic itself also has a certain grinding effect on the cutter. The ultrasonic welding head is also made of high-quality alloy steel. After heat treatment, the expected hardness will reach 60 or more. Because the cutter and the ultrasonic welding head may collide, the ultrasonic label cutting machine with sensor must also be made of high-quality mold steel.

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