Due to the advent of 5g era, coaxial cable stripping has also become a popular wire harness processing machine recently. Since coaxial cable is generally used in high frequency communication, and general wire cutting stripping machine can only strip single layer insulation, therefore this equipment has obvious advantages.
1: Before operation
1. Before operation, operators should strictly follow the operation guidelines of such machines and equipment, and make registration records.
2. Confirm that the cutting tool is in good condition, and make proper smooth treatment.
2: Operating:
1. Set the parameters according to the cutting range in the equipment manual, stripping length, adjust the left and right (upper and lower) cutting knife parts, check whether the air valve is ventilated and opened, and adjust the cylinder pressure.
2. During the operation of the equipment, hands can not reach into the inside of the protective cover to prevent all kinds of injury accidents.
3. After the operation is completed, please turn off the power and pull out the plug to ensure that the person leaves and the equipment is powered off to prevent unnecessary damage.
4. If the stripping blade needs to be replaced, it must be cut off before operation.
5. In case of abnormal conditions in use, immediately press the emergency stop button or power off, and then notify professional technical maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.
3: After operation:
1. After finishing the operation, switch off the power supply of the equipment.
2. Clean up the rubber and other garbage falling inside, and take proper maintenance measures.
3. Keep the equipment environment clean and tidy.

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