What considerations should be noticed in the operation of automatic wire cutting stripping tinning machine?

Fully automatic wire cutting stripping tinning machine must be operated by trained personnel. Operators should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the machine, master the prevention of equipment failure, judgment and emergency treatment measures. Now we will talk about the considerations of automatic wire cutting stripping tinning machine in the operation. 1. If the operator needs to leave machine during the production, the machine should be suspended then operator can leave. 2. During the operation of the machine, fingers should not be [...]

Which brand of automatic wire stripping machine?

Are you still hesitated on choice which brand of automatic wire stripping machine?Manufacturer is here! automatic wire stripping machine currently on the market are similar appearance, the appearance is difficult to discern just automatic wire stripping machine quality is good or bad, especially a friend new to computers stripping machine is unable to start , then when we buy automatic wire stripping machine should pay attention to those points out 1.) Stripping Speed:The reason to choose the high-tech factory automation equipment [...]

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