Control method of motorized wire stripper

Recently, through keyword search on the Internet, more and more customers are looking for information about how to operate the automatic wire cutting stripping machine. Next, I will teach you how to operate this machine. This motorized wire stripper is an automatic wire cutting and stripping machine for intelligent processing of electronic wire harness. With stable automatic equipment, the production can be carried out intelligently only after the corresponding technical parameters are set. The operation steps are as follows: 1. First, [...]

Working principle of stripping machine for electric wire

Today, we would like to give you a detailed introduction to the main working principle of automatic stripping machine for electric wire. As a new type of machine in the field of wire rod processing industry, it can perform the functions of wire cutting, ribbon cable core wire separation, stripping and etc. Next, we will analyze this machine in detail: 1. Control knob for the clearance of wire feeding rollers: control the clearance of the wire feeding rollers of stripping [...]

Basic accessories of automatic wire cutter and stripping machine

Automatic wire cutter and stripping machine is an equipment to strip plastic sheath from metal core of wires. Due to the difference of wire diameter, wire material and composition, there are different suitable models: short small square wire type, large square type, flat ribbon type, sheath cable type, coaxial cable type, etc. The classification of wire stripping machine: intelligent computerized wire stripping machine, high-speed wire stripping machine, automatic wire cutter and stripping machine, electric wire stripping machine, pneumatic wire [...]

problems and solutions of several computerized wire stripping machines

A brief introduction to the problems and solutions of several computerized wire stripping machines Computerized wire stripping machine is widely used at the end of the wire processing equipment, to wire and cable factory is essential, the performance of computerized wire stripping is directly related to the production efficiency. Understanding of the production process of the machine, and how to solve the problem is particularly important. The following are the common problems and solutions of the computerized wire stripping machine: 1, computerized wire stripping [...]

Solutions For Failure Of Automatic Wire Stripper

1.) run silent appear “Err02”: fuse is broken, replace it and try again, if broken again, need to replace one of the drive board. 2.) run but immediately shut down to display “Err02”: wire section is too thick, too fast, slow adjustment again; insufficient voltage stabilized power supply, with independent; cutter head sensor dust or knife head sensor positioning sheet change position, need to clean up or iron re-positioning. 3.) show “Err01” wire cut several pieces and automatic shutdown: clearance of [...]

Computerized wire stripping machine manufacturers talk about the reasons for the failure of cable performance

Computerized wire stripping machine manufacturers introduce the reasons for the failure of the cable performance is as follows: (1) free discharge and dielectric loss The reasons for the failure of free discharge and dielectric loss are very complicated. Whether the insulation contains bubbles and impurities, and the properties of the raw materials are closely related. The method is to keep the raw material clean, strictly according to the production process. (2) cable insulation breakdown Computerized wire stripping machine manufacturers tell you, cause the [...]

Which brand of automatic wire stripping machine?

Are you still hesitated on choice which brand of automatic wire stripping machine?Manufacturer is here! automatic wire stripping machine currently on the market are similar appearance, the appearance is difficult to discern just automatic wire stripping machine quality is good or bad, especially a friend new to computers stripping machine is unable to start , then when we buy automatic wire stripping machine should pay attention to those points out 1.) Stripping Speed:The reason to choose the high-tech factory automation equipment [...]

Incredible!Automatic wire stripping machine makes your hands free.

That’s why more and more manufacturers choose automatic wire stripping machine? Let your hands free! The appears of automatic wire cutter stripper is completely solved heavy work of manually stripping the insulation of wire, simplied a lot of tedious work, effectively improve the work,the emerge of computerized wire cutting stripping machine and automated wire cutter stripper makes the efficiency of the work continuously improve accuracy. we summarize the overall performance advantage of automatic wire cutter stripper with the following points. 1.) [...]

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