This machine uses a hybrid drive microcomputer control system of the whole LCD screen, cutting,stripping,twisting,middle stripping, one-time completion, but also the front half stripping with twisted wire function, protect the integrity of the wire, special wire can instantly change the size of wire specification.

Incredible!Automatic wire stripping machine makes your hands free.

That’s why more and more manufacturers choose automatic wire stripping machine? Let your hands free! The appears of automatic wire stripping machine is completely solved heavy work of manually stripping the insulation of wire, simplied a lot of tedious work, effectively improve the work,the emerge of computerized wire cutting stripping machine and automated wire stripper makes the efficiency of the work continuously improve accuracy. we summarize the overall performance advantage of automatic wire stripping machine with the following points.   1.) full [...]

Basic application for pneumatic cable stripping machine

Basic application for pneumatic cable stripping machine Regulation of pneumatic cable stripping machine: 1) intake manifold access gas source 4.5-7kg/cm2 2) Power cord plug into a 220V 50Hz supply 3) step on pedal to run cylinder 4) double-knives model basic usage is ibid consistent, design for primary wire cutting and stripping. Should pay attention to the following points: a) without adding gasket, the gap between cutter and stripper is 1.5mm b) add or less gasket should be careful of uniform thickness of up and down to avoid die  [...]