Precautions in using fully automatic cut strip twist wire dip tin machine

Let’s analyze how to solve the following two kinds of faults in using fully automatic cut strip twist wire dip tin machine: The fully automatic wire tin dip soldering machine is weak. When feeding, user feels that the wire cutting machine is unable to operate and the cut wires are not in order. At this time, we need to increase the power, adjust the motor or tighten the screws. When the fully automatic cut strip twist wire dip tin machine is working, it suddenly [...]

Working principle of main parts of automatic wire cutting and tin dip soldering machine

1. Wire wheel: conveying wire rod and stripping wire head. When stripping short wires, the wire cutting machine can strip both the wire head and the wire tail (the length of the wire is less than 50 mm). When stripping in the process of stripping, the wire cutting machine has the function of stripping the middle part as well as the wire head. 2. Outgoing line wheel: it is used to transport wire rod and strip the outgoing line tail [...]

What are the main factors affect the quality of ribbon cable wire tin dip soldering machine

Every kind of mechanical equipment has a quality evaluation method. If you want to evaluate its quality, the most common is whether the performance is stable, whether there is a fault in the use process, whether the use operation is safe and so on. Automatic wire tin dip soldering machine is also a kind of mechanical equipment, and it is automatic. Its quality is related to the efficiency and effect of wire processing. Every customer wants to buy a [...]

Common problems of automatic cutting stripping and wire tin dip soldering machine

Wire stripping machine is a kind of machine which can strip the insulation of wire. Due to the different wire diameter, material and composition, there are different suitable models. Wire stripping machine is the most widely used machine in the mechanical industry. People are relying on various mechanical automation in many places. Here are some common problems of automatic cutting stripping and  wire tin dip soldering machine: A. wire insulation crush 1. Properly adjust the gap between the incoming transmission wheel and [...]

Common problems and solutions on welding head of automatic cutting stripping wire tin dip soldering machine

The quality of welding head is very important for the use of automatic cutting stripping wire tin dip soldering machine. The problems of different models of welding head or welding head after wear will have a great impact on the tin output and solder accuracy of the soldering machine. The common problems and solutions of soldering iron head are as follows: I. oxidation gap Cause: because the soldering iron is in high temperature environment when it is used, the metal part will become vulnerable [...]

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