What shall we do if the automated strip cutter cutting is not standard

The first factor may be that the automated strip cutter itself is not good, and the product produced by the machine has a large error. The second factor may be that the pressure on both sides of the roller is not well adjusted, causing uneven pressure on both sides. The third possibility is that the cutter die and other accessories of the automated strip cutter have not been installed and fixed. It is recommended to ask where you bought the machine. [...]

Cut Stop? Problems of Strip Cutting Machine

What is the problem with the automated strip cutting machine faulty knife that cutting cannot stop? How to solve it 1. Check whether the circuit connecting the motor is short-circuited. 2. There is a problem after startup. Check whether the sensor at the connecting rod is normal. 3. Check whether the solid state relay or capacitor is damaged. 4. Check whether the touch screen setting quantity, batch and other data are correct or whether the key setting data is correct. 5. Don’t worry about [...]

Installation steps of hot cold strip cutting machine

We tell you what are the installation and debugging steps of the hot cold strip cutting machine after it is delivered to the factory. Customers need to install and debug after receiving the hot cold strip cutting machine before it can be applied. What are the installation and debugging steps of the hot cold strip cutting machine? 1. Make preparations first, prepare the site, power supply, etc. 2. Inventory of the received EPE vertical cutting machine accessories. 3. Frame rail. 4. The four feet [...]

Features of automatic cold and hot strip cutting machine

The computer automatic cold and hot strip cutting machine has the following characteristics: 1. The machine tool is made of imported high-quality steel after special treatment. The cut surface is flat during hot cutting, and the hot knife can heat seal the cut surface of various chemical fiber webbing at high temperature, and the seal is flat and free of burrs. There is no need to heat the edge-sealing material, and it can be cut directly without heating. The cold [...]

What are advantages of the automatic roll to sheet cutting machine?

The automatic roll to sheet cutting machine we produce is suitable for cutting special-shaped and narrow strips of materials such as foam, diffuser, double-sided tape, copper and aluminum foil, saving time and labor, and greatly improving production efficiency. The main advantages are as follows: 1. The design of the equipment is silent, reducing the noise of the working environment. 2. Centralized (outdoor) exhaust to reduce dust and improve the production environment. 3. The equipment is equipped with a self-diagnosis function (when a failure [...]

Automatic reel to sheet cutting machine mainly adopts digital automatic operation control system

This automatic reel to sheet cutting machine mainly adopts a digital automatic operation control system, which is simple and convenient to operate. The machine can automatically cut after setting the program. The automatic reel to sheet cutting machine mainly adopts single or multiple simultaneous cutting according to different materials. The temperature can be adjusted according to different materials, and the speed can be adjusted at will. Mainly adopt microcomputer numerical control device to set cutting length. This automatic reel to [...]

Solution of no display on the control panel of the strip cutter machine

We tell you the solution for no display on the control panel: If this strip cutter machine is used continuously for a long time, the temperature inside the case may be extremely high, and the display may be abnormal. This is a normal phenomenon. Stop working, turn off the power switch, and turn it on after a while. The display should be normal. If it is in cold state If the boot display is abnormal, please turn off the power [...]

Automated strip cutter machine can automatically cut various belts

1. It can automatically cut all kinds of sheet and tube materials, there is a feeding belt wheel installed at the back of the machine, which can be automatically suitable for the disc placement and feeding of strip coils. 2. The high-speed stepping motor accurately controls the length of the tube cutting, the length and speed of the tape are adjustable. 3. Cutter time protection of the computerized hot & cold strip cutting machine, total number setting; splitting setting,splitting pause time [...]

Automated strip cutter machine failure solution

Next, we will continue to share with you the troubleshooting methods that often occur in the daily practical use of the automated strip cutter machine, and how to deal with a series of fault problems of the automated strip cutter machine. 1. When using heat cutting, the tape cannot be cut (1) Check whether the temperature reaches the preset temperature (2) Check whether the hot knife is heated 2. No power supply (1) Check whether the power connection plug is in good contact? (2) Check [...]

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