Product features and applicable industries of automatic tubing cutter for pvc flexible conduit

Product features of automatic tubing cutter for pvc flexible conduit: (1) High-speed automatic feeding, controlled by a microcomputer program with an accuracy of 0.1mm; 30,000 short materials can be cut per hour (2) In automatic or manual operation, it can feed forward or backward, and it can be cut off manually; (3) It has the function of forward and backward, automatic counting, stop when the number is reached, and save memory function when power is off (4) The cutting speed of the computerized [...]

Advantages of HZX-100 automatic tubing cutter

In the process of wire processing, it is necessary to cut both ends of the wire in the terminal processing. How to do fast and good to cut tubing, HZX-100 full automatic tubing cutter is surely the best choice. What is it that allows us to recognize the HZX-100 full automatic tubing cutter,let’s analyze the technical aspects of the reasons for it. HZX-100 fully automatic tubing cutter designed to meet the demand of high precision cut-to-length, can replace the cutter [...]

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