Automated strip cutter machine failure solution

Next, we will continue to share with you the troubleshooting methods that often occur in the daily practical use of the automated strip cutter machine, and how to deal with a series of fault problems of the automated strip cutter machine. 1. When using heat cutting, the tape cannot be cut (1) Check whether the temperature reaches the preset temperature (2) Check whether the hot knife is heated 2. No power supply (1) Check whether the power connection plug is in good contact? (2) Check [...]

Automated velcro tape cutter mainly adopts digital automatic operation control system

This automated velcro tape cutter mainly adopts a digital automatic operation control system, which is simple and convenient to operate. The machine can automatically cut after setting the program. The automated velcro tape cutter mainly adopts single or multiple simultaneous cutting according to different materials. The temperature can be adjusted according to different materials, and the speed can be adjusted at will. Mainly adopt microcomputer numerical control device to set cutting length. This hot & cold automatic strip cutting machine [...]

Working environment of automated velcro tape cutter

The automated velcro tape cutter is composed of a cutter and a knife frame. The knife frame is installed on a base. Its innovation is: a symmetrical vertical mounting plate is fixed on the base, and the mounting plate is vertically guided between the mounting plates. The frame-shaped knife holder is movably installed, the top of the knife holder is horizontally fixed with a cutting knife, and the bottom end of the knife holder is driven by a cam [...]

Common troubleshooting of automated velcro tape cutter

No power supply 1 Check whether the power plug is powered 2 Check whether the power fuse is disconnected There is power, but it cannot be started, and the knife can cut without feeding. Check whether the feeder motor and the feeder drive are off. 1. Properly adjust the screws of the guide rail pressing plate. Note (902L) 2. The manual cutter adjustment function is adopted to align the upper knife and the lower knife and keep them level. Note: If The level is not [...]

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