Control method of motorized wire stripper

Recently, through keyword search on the Internet, more and more customers are looking for information about how to operate the automatic wire cutting stripping machine. Next, I will teach you how to operate this machine. This motorized wire stripper is an automatic wire cutting and stripping machine for intelligent processing of electronic wire harness. With stable automatic equipment, the production can be carried out intelligently only after the corresponding technical parameters are set. The operation steps are as follows: 1. First, [...]

Working principle of stripping machine for electric wire

Today, we would like to give you a detailed introduction to the main working principle of automatic stripping machine for electric wire. As a new type of machine in the field of wire rod processing industry, it can perform the functions of wire cutting, ribbon cable core wire separation, stripping and etc. Next, we will analyze this machine in detail: 1. Control knob for the clearance of wire feeding rollers: control the clearance of the wire feeding rollers of stripping [...]

Method of replacing blade of new energy automatic benchtop wire stripper

Today, I’m here to teach you how to replace the blade of the new energy automatic benchtop wire stripper. As the blade belongs to the consumable parts, it is extremely easy to be damaged under long-term working condition, so it must be checked frequently. Before we teach you how to change the blade, let’s first introduce the blade materials that are commonly used: 1. In general, the material: hardness, wear resistance, temperature resistance and other performance indicators are weak, and the [...]

Basic accessories of automatic wire cutter and stripping machine

Automatic wire cutter and stripping machine is an equipment to strip plastic sheath from metal core of wires. Due to the difference of wire diameter, wire material and composition, there are different suitable models: short small square wire type, large square type, flat ribbon type, sheath cable type, coaxial cable type, etc. The classification of wire stripping machine: intelligent computerized wire stripping machine, high-speed wire stripping machine, automatic wire cutter and stripping machine, electric wire stripping machine, pneumatic wire [...]

basic operation method of 3F pneumatic cable stripping machine

Operation method of 3F pneumatic cable stripping machine: 1, the air inlet pipe connecting the air supply 4.5-7kg/ 2 cm 2, the power cord plug into the 220V 50Hz power supply 3, the foot switch to make the cylinder action 4, as shown in Figure two, trimming operation key: loosen the nut in middle of headless screw,nut 1 control upper clamp block up and bottom; nut 2 control knife mold up and bottom, with different thickness of wire, the nut turn up (counterclockwise) is [...]

problems and solutions of several computerized wire stripping machines

A brief introduction to the problems and solutions of several computerized wire stripping machines Computerized wire stripping machine is widely used at the end of the wire processing equipment, to wire and cable factory is essential, the performance of computerized wire stripping is directly related to the production efficiency. Understanding of the production process of the machine, and how to solve the problem is particularly important. The following are the common problems and solutions of the computerized wire stripping machine: 1, computerized wire stripping [...]

Solutions for some problems of computerized wire stripping machine

Solutions for  some problems of computerized wire stripping machine 1, computerized wire stripping machine shows appearance of copper wire intercept or cut off when it’s working? The primary reason is the knife value is too small. Solution: the need to increase the value of the knife, the knife to adjust the value of the planning according to your existing wire to be fixed, can be modified. 2, the machine starts the alarm sound? Please check the parameters can be set correctly, please note that the upper [...]

Do you know advantages of multifunctional high-speed computerized wire stripping machine?

1.) multifunctional high-speed computerized wire stripping machine is a high-speed wire harness automatic cutting off,both-ends stripping, one end strip and partial stripping machine. 2.) the use of servo motor control cutting, peeling and other actions becomes more accurate. 3.) the length of the transformation and full stripping, semi stripping using key settings, simple and fast. 4.) the change of stripping length and incision adopt fine-tuning rotation mode, simple and fast. 5.) computerized wire stripping machine speed can be divided into five sections, according [...]

Do you know how many basic application and adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine?

Do you know how many basic application and adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine? Adjust methods of pneumatic cable stripping machine 1, connect air inlet pipe with air supply 4.5-7kg/ 2, plug power cord  into 220V 50Hz power supply. 3, foot switch to make the cylinder action. 4, the use of double-cutters model is basically same as above, design for the wire cutting and stripping in one time. Need to pay attention to the following points: A) without gasket, the gap between cutter and stripping [...]

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