The situation of Chinese wire harness exports is very good. According to statistics from relevant agencies, domestic wire harness products have earned 3.27 billion US dollars, an increase of 62.7% over the previous year. There are indications that China has become a major exporter of wire harnesses.
At the beginning of market competition, fully automatic wire terminals crimping machines brought profits to the market. As the wire harness industry is further integrated into the process of economic globalization, the degree of international competition for wire harness products has been intensified. However, there are only a few wire harness varieties can reach the level acceptable and competitive in the international market. Most of the wire harness varieties are in urgent need of development, improvement.
As the central nervous system of automobiles and household appliances, wiring harnesses have relatively high quality requirements. Many complete machine manufacturers have strict quality requirements for wiring harness companies to <1 ppm. Moreover, once the quality of the wiring harness product does not meet the incident, it is difficult to repair and use, and the high-quality accident directly leads to excessive waste of the enterprise. In response to this requirement, a pressure detection device can be added to the automatic wire terminals crimping machine and automatic wire cutting stripping twisting tin dipping machine equipment, which can control the yield of 99.9% of the product, thereby greatly controlling the yield of the finished wire harness.
The emergence of fully automatic wire crimping machines has promoted the technological neck of the electronics, electric power, automotive and other industries. Starting from the original semi-automation, we have moved towards full automation and intelligence, which has greatly improved production efficiency, reduce production costs.

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