This automated velcro tape cutter is composed of a cutter and a knife frame. The knife frame is installed on a base. Its innovation is: a symmetrical vertical mounting plate is fixed on the base, and the mounting plate is vertically guided between the mounting plates. The frame-shaped knife holder is movably installed. The top of the knife holder is horizontally fixed with a cutting knife. The bottom of the knife holder is driven by a cam mechanism driven by a first stepping motor to achieve vertical rise and fall. A horizontal cutter is fixed below the knife. With a belt platform, a feeding roller driven by a second stepping motor is installed on the upper surface of the belt cutting platform. The first stepping motor and the second stepping motor are connected to a controller installed on the base through a control line. This automated velcro tape cutter
working environment:
1. The power supply must be AC220–240V and safety grounded
2. Place the machine in a dry, ventilated and well-lit place
3. There is no corrosion in the place where the machine is placed

1 The cut is complete and beautiful, the cutting edge is neat and smooth, no burrs, no fraying, and the cutting effect is excellent;
2. This machine adopts PLC console, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, simple, quick and efficient length adjustment, and can cut multiple strips at the same time;
3. It is mostly used for cutting straight knives, oblique knives, dovetails, etc. for gift ribbons, strip nylon ribbons, strip ribbons, etc.; microcomputer slicer

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