Electric iron head does not stain tin. People who often use electric iron head at work will always suffer from this? So what’s the reason why the tip of the soldering iron doesn’t stick to tin? In the process of lead-free soldering, sometimes the soldering iron head does not stick to tin. In addition to the quality problems of the iron head itself, the manufacturer of automatic wire cutting and tin dip soldering machine thinks that the causes can be found from the following nine aspects:
1. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause severe oxidation on the tin stained surface of the electric iron head.
2. Do not eat the tin stained surface before use.
3. Use incorrect or defective cleaning methods.
4. The use of impure soldering tin or flux in welding wire is interrupted.
5. When the working temperature exceeds 350 ℃ and the welding is stopped for more than 1 hour, the amount of tin on the electric iron head is too small.
6. “Dry burn” soldering iron head, such as: the soldering table is open and not used, and the surface of the soldering iron head is free of tin, which will cause rapid oxidation of the electric soldering iron head.
7. The flux used is highly corrosive, which causes rapid oxidation of the electric iron head.
8. The neutral active flux is used, and the oxide on the electric iron head is not often cleaned.
9. Contact with organic substances such as plastic, lubricating oil or other compounds.

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