Before using the automatic wire terminator, it is beneficial to know more about its common faults. When there is a fault, we can quickly know the cause of the fault and take effective measures to solve it in the first time. Today, we will talk about the three most common troubleshooting solutions of the automatic wire terminator in detail. When there is a fault problem, it will be more convenient to solve it.
When the automatic wire terminator breaks down, don’t panic. First of all, it needs to calm down. The automatic wire terminator may suddenly stop running in the process of running. What we need to do at this time is to check the power supply. After a sudden power failure, the machine will not run. If it is confirmed that there is current input, but the full-automatic wire terminator is still unable to operate normally, then it is possible that some part of the automatic wire terminator is stuck, the power supply is stopped, and then the detailed inspection is carried out.
1. When the double head automatic wire terminator is working, it suddenly makes disorderly noise. At this time, it is necessary to stop the work in hand for relevant inspection. Noise indicates that the machine is blocked or the machine components are faulty, or the voltage may be unstable.
2. The cut wires are of different lengths and the cutting surface is rough, which can not meet the quality requirements. It is likely that the gears are loose or the cutting pieces are damaged. The best way is to carry out maintenance.
3. The machine start indicator is not on. This situation means that the power cord is not connected properly, or the switch of the automatic terminal machine has problems. In addition to checking the power cord, voltage and switch, the operator should also check whether the computer box is faulty.
4. The fully automatic double ends wire terminator is weak. When feeding, I feel that the automatic wire terminator is unable to operate and the cut wires are not neat. At this time, we need to increase power, adjust the motor or tighten the screws.
Automatic wire terminator is a kind of intelligent equipment, double working efficiency, saving resources. When operating the automatic wire terminator, understand the relevant working principle and common sense, correctly handle the equipment failure, so as to better work.

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