The emergence of fully automatic wire stripper terminator machine has greatly promoted the development of wiring harness processing industry. The use of fully automatic wire crimping machine is not only more efficient, but also better quality of stripped wires. In addition, there are many unexpected advantages in the use of fully automatic wire crimping machine, such as the new wiring connection mode of fully automatic wire crimping machine , which solves the defects of the old wiring connection.

In addition, the exterior wall and interior insulation system are also included in the fast connection terminals, which can meet the thermal insulation performance of buildings and greatly save heating costs. Hygienic and safety properties of nano-antimicrobial tubes conform to the national standards for food hygiene inspection, and have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; while latex paint with aesthetic angle protection improves practicability and durability, and more embodies the convenient and practical stone-jacking process.

The fast connection terminal, including an insulating base, is characterized in that a slot hole is arranged on the base, and a conductive part is arranged in the slot hole. The conductive part includes a clamping part located inside the slot hole and a welding part extending outside the slot hole, and the clamping part and the welding part are bendable joints. Compared with the prior art, the connection terminal of the utility model opens a slot hole on the insulating base, because there is no inclined structure on the base, and the slot hole opening is more convenient.

Mechanical equipment of fully automatic wire stripper terminator machine

Therefore, the clamping part of the conductive part can be directly inserted into the slot hole to fix; moreover, the welding part of the conductive part is outside the slot hole, and the welding part can be a sheet structure with small holes or a column structure, which can meet the needs of the external connector; in addition, there is a positioning column on the base, when the guiding part on the base and the pins on the circuit board cooperate with each other, it can The base is fixed by a positioning column to ensure the reliability of the connection between the pin and the conductive parts.
Fast terminal has been widely used in decoration. With the continuous improvement of terminal technology, innovative technology will still be developed in engineering construction.

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