I believe everyone knows the function of fully automatic wire crimping machine and wire crimping machine. Among them, this fully automatic wire crimping machine has many advantages  compared with the general wire crimping machine.Compared with the full automatic wire crimping machines in the market, the advantages of stability and accuracy lie in!

Following is a detailed description of its three advantages.
1. Advanced production efficiency of fully automatic wire crimping machine: Because of the integration of various operating agencies in a straight line, the production time of a single electronic wire is reduced, and the production capacity is astonishingly doubled compared with the traditional model, reaching 5000 pieces per hour (less than 100 lengths).
2. Advanced structure design of fully automatic wire crimping machine: breaking the traditional layout of automatic and mobile operation process, highly merging cutting, stripping, crimping and twisting in a straight line. That is to say, it is completed in a one-stop process, and it does not need to be operated separately with stages.
3. The structure of fully automatic wire stripper terminator machine is stable and the cost is low. Because the servo control effectively reduces the large-span cooperation of the institutions in the traditional operation process, the running-in of the mechanical transmission is reduced, and the instability factors are greatly reduced. The simplification of terminal structure greatly reduces the cost of subsequent maintenance. This is directly related to the design of the structure mentioned above, which leads to the convenience and practicability of fully automatic wire stripper terminator machine.

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