Fully automatic wire cutting stripping tinning machine must be operated by trained personnel. Operators should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the machine, master the prevention of equipment failure, judgment and emergency treatment measures. Now we will talk about the considerations of automatic wire cutting stripping tinning machine in the operation.

1. If the operator needs to leave machine during the production, the machine should be suspended then operator can leave.
2. During the operation of the machine, fingers should not be close to the tool holder and chuck to prevent pinch injury.
3. When a fault occurs, the power should be stopped immediately, short-circuit, smoke emitted, and the power supply should be cut off when the leakage occurs. After the fault is eliminated, the power can be turned on, and the equipment should not run with fault and overload.
Fully automatic wire cutting stripping tinning machine preparations, rules and considerations for the operation:
1. Check whether the parts of the machine are loose or not and whether the pneumatic components are leaking or not.
2. Trial-run the machine to check whether the machine is working properly and whether there is any abnormal sound.
3. Turn on the power supply and check whether the power indication is normal and the machine is leakage.
4. Verify that the cut wires are in accordance with the instructions.

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