In today’s society, compared with ordinary terminal machine products, why are fully automatic terminating machines more favored by the majority of enterprises?
The key reason is that the intelligent design of the fully automatic terminating machine is more, the function of the fully automatic terminating machine is more improved than the traditional terminal machine, the stability is stronger, the use is more concise and convenient, the work efficiency is greatly improved than the ordinary terminal machine, in modern industrial manufacturing, the efficiency is the life of the enterprise development, in order to improve the output of the enterprise, this fully automatic terminating machine is indispensable.
This fully automatic terminating machine can independently complete various functions such as wire cutting,stripping,crimping, tin staining and PCB housing piercing. The common wire crimping machine only has the function of stripping and crimping, and also requires manual wire feeding, crimping and correction, with high error rate and low output. The following are more detailed comparisons:
The common terminal machine, which we generally call semi-automatic or manual wire crimping machine, is also a kind of equipment used in the majority of wire harness processing enterprises at this stage. This kind of terminal machine is equipped with a pedal type power-off convergence and dispersion. When the wire crimping machine is running, its motor is constantly operating, and each time you step on the pedal, it will give a power-off signal to complete the terminal crimping.
Fully automatic terminating machine is a wire crimping machine which integrates one or more servers. Its operation principle is different from that of ordinary terminal machine. It only needs to give a message to the server, and then the information is sent to the motor, and the wire crimping machine can complete an action.
Terminal machine can also be called terminal crimping machine, or wire terminator, so there are many ways to call this product. In recent years, the terminal machine market is rapidly occupied by fully automatic terminating machine. With its high efficiency, high accuracy, low labor cost, multi-functional integration and other advantages, fully automatic terminating machine is loved by the majority of wire harness manufacturers.

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