Are you still hesitated on choice which brand of automatic wire stripping machine?Manufacturer is here!
automatic wire stripping machine currently on the market are similar appearance, the appearance is difficult to discern just automatic wire stripping machine quality is good or bad, especially a friend new to computers stripping machine is unable to start , then when we buy automatic wire stripping machine should pay attention to those points out

1.) Stripping Speed:The reason to choose the high-tech factory automation equipment , in the hope that the machine can be reduced by manual operation , reduce production costs , increase productivity, then the automatic wire stripping machine is most concerned about is the processing speed, if too slow to reach the machine instead of doing the expected results. Ordinary general quality automatic wire stripping machine processing speed may be only 1000-3000 cycles / hour speed, and good automatic wire stripping machine speed can reach 3000-6000 times / hour , which is good and bad quality differentiate most direct one ways.

2.) Stripping error: stripping machine equipment is directly controlled by the computer system, so the error is certainly better than artificial error is high, but the error is common and good quality wire stripping machine stripping machine is not the same,good automatic wire stripping machine error can be controlled in permillage mm.

3.) Stripping effect:Some stripping machine stripping out line of varying lengths, or skin indentation lines , copper peel off the skin peel such phenomena are considered unclean so bad product , good quality automatic wire stripping machines these adverse situations can be avoided.
4.) Background:When we want to select products, company history background can also be used as a basic criterion to judge the quality of products , if this company for several years in this field more than ten years of production experience , then the relative quality through the years practical experience of the device is relatively stable and more advanced technology will be.

5.) Service: No matter how good the quality of the computer stripping machine,the fault will be with the catalytic and time of accidents occur if aftermarket manufacturers procrastination , the loss will only be yourself.

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