Introducing our Wire Tinning Machine, a cutting-edge solution for efficiently stripping the insulation off wires and coating them with a precise amount of solder and flux. This remarkable product ensures that the copper wires are accurately inserted to a predetermined depth into the solder and flux, resulting in a uniform tinning of the wire surface. Simplify your wire preparation process with our Wire Tinning Machine, achieving consistent and reliable tinning like never before.

  • Automatic H05RN-F 3 conductor power cable strip twist trim tinning machine

    This H05RN-F power cable 3 cores stripping twisting soldering machine combines wire separation, stripping, twisting, tinning, and cutting, saving 4 work positions. It reduces the need for manpower, ensuring stable quality and providing safe, simple, and efficient operation.

  • Automatic Multi Cut Strip Twist Tin 5-Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

    Introducing our cutting-edge Automatic Multi Cut Strip Twist Tin 5-Wire Terminal Crimping Machine! This advanced device efficiently handles five AWG16-AWG32 electronic wires simultaneously, performing cutting, stripping, twisting, terminal crimping, and precise tinning. Enjoy adjustable tinning and flux depth, with stripping up to 11mm and tinning as short as 1mm. Boost productivity and precision with this versatile machine. Experience seamless wire processing for your electronic needs. Explore more now on our official website!

  • Automatic Multi Twist Tin 10-Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

    Introducing our advanced Automatic Multi-function Tinning Machine! Process 10 wires from AWG32 to AWG26 at once, with cutting, stripping, twisting, and tinning capabilities. Adjust tinning depth with a minimum cutting length of 8mm. Effortlessly handle single-end/double-end stripping, twisting, and precise tinning. Low-maintenance, unmanned operation, and automatic alerts after processing. Boost efficiency and productivity. Experience precision and versatility with this powerful tinning machine! Explore more now!

  • Automatic Wire Cut Strip Tin Dip Soldering Machine

    This automatic wire cut strip tin dip soldering machine has automatic wire feeding, wire cutting, double-end peeling, double-end twisting, double-end tinning and 8 wires can be processed at the same time, has the function of automatic smoking, which can reduce the harm of flux smoke to human body and can automatically send tin wire, the insulations can be automatically collected in the bag after stripping, the operation screen KINCO7 inch all Chinese/English version, the computer turns the knife, does not need the pad gasket, controlled by computer, including wire length, stripping, stripping length, tin dipping depth, etc.

  • Fully Automatic 5-Wire Multi Cut Strip Twist Tin Crimping Machine

    Experience the ultimate solution for streamlining your wire processing tasks with our high-performance Automatic Crimping Machine. This versatile machine is designed to simultaneously cut, strip, twist, and tin up to 5 wires at once, ensuring unmatched efficiency and precision in your production process. With its advanced technology and seamless integration with various wire types and sizes, you can achieve consistent and reliable results while reducing manual labor and boosting your output. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation a breeze for both skilled and novice operators, saving valuable production time and elevating your productivity to new heights. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your wire termination process.

  • Wire Soldering Machine

    This wire soldering machine is a compact and versatile tool suitable for soldering tasks in different industries. Its ability to handle various soldering functions and its customizable parameters make it a valuable addition to production lines and assembly processes. Additionally, the inclusion of an automatic cleaning function helps ensure consistent soldering quality over time.

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