• Automatic braided silicone high temperature wire fg cable stripping machine

    The tool holder of automatic braided silicone high temperature wire fg cable stripping machine is specially treated and its heating temperature can reach 400 centigrade, can be touched by hand. The adopted import heating tube, which its temperature can be up to 450 centigrade, works normally. The heating gasket is made of titanium alloy, which is free of rust, corrosion and oxidation, so as to solve the problem of blades replacement.

  • Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with shortest insulation length for AWG16 to AWG32 wires

    This most advanced electronic product has more compact structure design, more wires can be processed, and higher precision. All debugging actions are completed in the LCD panel.  automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with shortest insulation length for AWG16 to AWG32 wires efficiency is more than 30% faster than the traditional model. According to the requirements, the cutting speed can be adjusted (0-9 level) to complete the three sectors stripping requirements.

  • Full Or Partial Stripping Machine For Stranded Wire Upto 70 SQMM

    This full or partial stripping machine for stranded wire upto 70 sqmm is an fully automatic stranded wire stripper machine that specialized for precise cut strip large stranded wire and can wire head or tail stripping, multi-step stripping, greatly improve productivity to 6000 pcs per hour max.

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