• Automatic Multi Cut Strip Twist Tin 5-Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

    Introducing our cutting-edge Automatic Multi Cut Strip Twist Tin 5-Wire Terminal Crimping Machine! This advanced device efficiently handles five AWG16-AWG32 electronic wires simultaneously, performing cutting, stripping, twisting, terminal crimping, and precise tinning. Enjoy adjustable tinning and flux depth, with stripping up to 11mm and tinning as short as 1mm. Boost productivity and precision with this versatile machine. Experience seamless wire processing for your electronic needs. Explore more now on our official website!

  • Fully Automatic Double-Ends Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

    Introducing our fully automatic AWG32-14 double heads wire terminal crimping machine – a seamless blend of convenience and precision. With its true color touch screen, operation becomes effortless. The precise stepping motor and driver ensure stability and accuracy throughout the process.

    Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable parameters via the touch screen interface. Easily set whether the wire ends should be fully or partially stripped, and if they need to be crimped.

    Experience ultimate control as you adjust wire cutting length, stripping length, and incision depth, all with a simple touch on the screen.

    Our crimping device features a universal mute terminal crimping machine, ensuring low noise and stable performance. It’s also capable of accommodating transverse or direct applicators, making it a versatile solution for your wire terminal crimping needs.

  • Multi-Core Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

    Discover the efficiency of our advanced Multi-Core Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine, designed for seamless stripping and crimping of USB data cables, power cables, earphone cables, audio cables, and more. This versatile equipment enables simultaneous multi-core wire stripping and crimping, ensuring 100% consistent crimping depth with the aid of compressed air to blow away scrap insulations. Equipped with an advanced CPU control system, it guarantees precision in every action, significantly enhancing work efficiency. With its reliability and flexibility, this machine is the ideal choice for optimizing production efficiency and ensuring top-notch crimping quality.

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