Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

1. The semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine is suitable for peeling all kinds of flexible and semi-flexible coaxial wires, charging pile cables, medical wires, etc. in the medical and automotive industries in the communications industry.
2. Man-machine interface, easy to understand and operate, can strip up to 9 layers, and store up to 99 kinds of processing data;
3. The design and exquisite structure of the rotary cutter head and the four-piece rotary cutter improve the stability of stripping and the working life of the cutter;
4. The semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine adopts servo motor, precision ball screw and multi-point motion control system, with stable and efficient performance.
5. The cutter is coated with imported tungsten steel and titanium alloy, which is sharp and durable;
6. The semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can meet the special requirements of multi-layer stripping, multi-segment stripping and automatic continuous starting.
7. Continuous innovation has been made on the original models, the functions and structure are more user-friendly, and the performance is more powerful.

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Model No.: HWN-5820
Display mode: touch screen
Applicable wire: coaxial cable, automotive cable
Display interface: Chinese/English LCD 95mm x 50mm
Working power supply: AC220V / 110V 50 / 60HZ
Power: 800W
Stripping length: 酶0.1mm-酶200mm
Dimensions: 1000 x 225 x 400mm
Stripping length setting unit: 0.01mm
Weight: 50kg
Cutting wire diameter range: 酶3.0-酶25mm
Drive mode: motor \ ball screw drive
Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm
Stripping method: rotary knife
Max stripping layer: 9 layers
Tool material: imported tungsten steel
Working environment: 5-45 degrees dry and vibration-free work surface
Storage capacity: 99 kinds of processing parameter data
Productivity: 200-400PCS / H (depending on cable)

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