Automatic H05VV-F Multi Conductor Cable Stripping Machine

The Automatic 2-5 cores H05VV-F Multi Conductor Cable Stripping Machine is designed to effortlessly cut and strip the outer jacket as well as PVC insulation from H05VV-F 2/3/4/5 core cables. It ensures the utmost protection for core copper wires, preventing any harm. With the ability to store up to 100 distinct programs for convenient retrieval, it offers seamless operation, unmanned functionality, and exceptional performance.

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Technical parameter锛

Machine dimension锛700mm脳660mm脳430mm
Voltage锛220V/110V 50/60HZ
Operation interface锛欵nglish/Chinese锛圲sing 7 Inch Touch Screen锛
Processing outer diameter of round聽sheath聽line锛3-10 mm
Machinable core number锛2cores, 3cores, 4cores, 5 cores
Gas pressure锛0.3-0.6Mpa
Maximum diameter of conduit锛欴iameter 11
Peeling accuracy锛毬0.2mm
Cutting length锛歁aximum聽400m
Stripping length of outer line锛20-150mm
Stripping length of core聽line:Front end 3-10MM锛孯ear end 3-30MM
Material聽of cutting tools锛4 pieces of knife are made of high speed steel.
Productivity(200mm聽Length per聽unit)锛650pcs/hour
Drive system锛8聽rollers Electric machinery聽ball screw driver

If your wire is flat sheathed cable, you can choose our fully automatic sheath cable wire stripping machine.

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