Fully Automatic Wire Cutting Single End Stripping Crimping Machine

This fully automatic wire cutter terminal machine adopts stepper motor and CNC digital debugging system to provide fully automatic wire cutting, single end stripping, double ends stripping, single end twisting, single end crimping and multi step stripping, easy operation, increase productivity to 6100 pcs per hour, stable performance.

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1, 6100pcs/hour, fully automatic cutting wire, single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end twisting, single-end crimping, multi-step stripping and other functions, automatic completion,operation is simple, fast, stable performance.
2, LCD screen, Chinese interface, high definition, simple operation.
3, all CNC digital debugging parameters, accurate and quick.
4. The detection function is complete, the electric wire has or not, the electric wire knots, the terminal detects and so on, the machine working abnormally alarms automatically .

5, OTP direct die and transverse die are simply replaced, automatic terminal waste paper is removed, and terminal waste is cut off.

Basic parameters:
Function: wire cutting, single end stripping, double end stripping, single end crimping, single end twisting, multi-step stripping.
Appropriate wire: AWG18-AWG32
Speed: 6100 pcs/hour ( cutting length within 100mmm) 4600-5800pcs/hour ( cutting length within 100-600mm)
Wire cut length: thick wire 20mm-9999mm not twist wire: 8mm-9999mm
Cutting accuracy 1mm+ cut length below 0.2%.
Stripping length: 0.1mm-10mm
Twisting length: 3mm-12mm
Crimping capacity: 1.8 tons
Detection function: wire existed or not, wire knot, terminal detection and wire dection ( can be retrofitted).
Machine size 600X700X1500 (mm)
Power supply single phase AC220V 50/60HZ
Accessories nameunitqtybrandorigin
Touch screenset1KINCOShanghai
Stepper MotorPiece5ServoShenzhen
Control modulePiece1Microsemi Dual CoreJapan
Guide railPiece2THKJapan
Screw barPiece2HIWINTaiwan
Solenoid valvePiece3AirtacGermany
Optical fiber sensorPiece2OmronJapan
Wire Crimping Machine DiePiece1Fortune SkyChina
Super Mute Wire Crimping MachinePiece1Fortune SkyChina
Wire crimping machine precision mechanical partsPiece1Fortune SkyChina
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5. As to the distributors, Fortune Sky offers all kinds of practical trainning to ensure their technical competencies by maintaining and updating their technical knowledge of our products.
Paid Service:
1. on-site installation, on-site maintenance, except contract agreed price which covered the expense already.
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