LB-2.0T Wire Splice Band Machine

LB-2.0T automatic feeding mute wire splice band machine.
Special note:
1. Energy saving and low noise.
2. The mechanical shape design conforms to the CE standard and has high safety performance.
3. Digital debugging and feeding length, humanized operation interface is easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to use.
4. The rubber wheel is used to extrude and feed splice band harmless to ensure the machining accuracy of each wire, reduce the embossing of the wire insulation, and make the processed wire harness more perfect.
5. The mold design range is processed, and the riveting strength is enhanced.

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Technical parameters of equipment:
Model: LB-2.0T
Display mode: button screen.
Form factor: 460*320*460mm.
Press relay: 2.0T.
Working power supply: AC220V 50HZ.
Motor power:0.75KW
Average power consumption: 0.02KW
Feeding length parameter:1mm-99.9mm
Available wire: Electronic wire, headphone wire, LED, etc.

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