Pneumatic 8P-64P Connector IDC Crimper

Revolutionize your cable crimping process with the 8P-64P IDC Connector Crimping Machine. Experience unparalleled efficiency as it automates crimping, delivering 300-600 pieces per hour. Precision-engineered for stable, high-quality outputs, its user-friendly operation ensures hassle-free maintenance. Upgrade now and embrace the future of precise, efficient crimping!

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  • for the 8P-64P IDC connector crimping machine take place of hand pliers, output of high efficiency, stable quality and simple operation.
  • minimum gas consumption, low failure rate, easy maintenance.
  • with bakelite base use, simple operation, abrasion resistance, high precision.
  • suitable for crimping cable with IDC products.
  • automatic crimping the product which is feeded in, finalization and the cylinder reset, easy to operate.
  • according to the product type can be pressed 300-600 pcs per hour.
  • addopt 6-8kg pressure, 220V power supply
  • the body all the use of steel for operation, solid and durable, external chrome, beautiful without rust distribution a set of bakelite crimping adjustable block 8-40P (OEM is acceptable.)

Technical Parameters:

Model No.: FSHS-50

Voltage AC220V

Weight 14KG

Appearance size 250x200x330mm

Press P number 4-40P a fixture /40-64P a fixture

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