Common Fatal Fault Of Crimps

1.) Insulation Failure

The role of insulator is to maitain contact member arranged in correct position. Insulators must possess excellent electrical properties, Insulator surface or internal moisture contamination of the metal extra material, surface dust, flux, organic material precipitates and harmful gas adsorption membrane fusion with the surface of the water film to form ionic conductive channel to absorb moisture, mildew, aging of insulation materials, will cause a short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance of insulation undesirable phenomena.

2.) Fixed Bad

The insulator not only plays role of insulation, but also usually provide accurate protection to contact member, installation position, lock and fix on the device. Fix bad, slightly affect contact, which caused a momentary power failure, seriously is product disintegration. dissolution means when terminal is being plugged, due to the materials, design, technology and others caused unreliable structure lead to abnormal separation between plug and socket, between the pin and the jack, will cause the automatic wire stripping machine in control system  interrupt the serious consequences of electromechanical energy transfer and signal control. Unreliable because of the design, material selection error, improper selection of the molding process, heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding, poor workmanship, assembly is not in place will result in fixed bad.

3.) Poor Contact

The internal metal conductor of terminals is the core parts of the terminal, it transmits voltage from external wire or cable, current, or signal to the corresponding contact member. So the contactor must have excellent structure, reliable contact and good electrical properties.Due to contactor’s unreasonable structural design, material selection error,die unstable, processing size ultra-poor, rough surface, heat treatment electroplating and surface treatment processes unreasonable, improper assembly, storage harsh environments and operating improper use will cause poor contact in contact section and cooperation section.

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