Explore our versatile Semi-Automatic Wire Crimping Machines! Discover 1.5T Ribbon Cable Crimping, Loose Terminal Rail Feed Crimping, Wire Threading Stripping Ferrule Crimping, Benchtop stripping crimping machine, Ferrule Crimping, IDC Connector,RJ45, and H05vv-F Stripper Crimper. Elevate efficiency and precision with these cutting-edge machines!

  • Automatic Wire Threading Stripping Ferrule Crimping Machine

    Automatic wire threading stripping ferrule crimping machine crimping tubular terminals is mainly aimed at international standards, this replacement of terminals is convenient and fast by means of vibrating disc feeding.  the complex process can be simplified, and the overall efficiency is 3-4 times as high as the original, which has a greater cost advantage; the trumpet shape is adopted in the line extension part to make threading convenient. It adopts sensitive pneumatic induction control and quick crimping. Imported components, cylinder, stable performance.

  • Benchtop Multicore Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

    This benchtop multicore cable stripping and crimping machine utilizes advanced frequency conversion technology for precise motor control. It efficiently completes wire stripping and terminal crimping in one step, boasting low noise, power-saving, and high-speed capabilities. Ideal for ultra-fine and multi-core shielded wires. The wire stripping action is cylinder-driven, ensuring fast and accurate positioning. Vacuum suction removes scraps after stripping, providing a clean and convenient process. The press machine, driven by gear reduction, delivers precise and high-pressure control. Operators can adjust the speed through the control panel to match their proficiency. Pneumatic components from reputable brands ensure durability and accuracy, suitable for tape and reel terminals or connectors with uniform positioning.

  • Ethernet RJ45 Crimping Machine

    This ethernet patch cable rj45 crimping machine is a cat5e cat6 8p8c rj45 crimper specialized for crimping lan cable and telephone cable, easy change mold.

  • FEK-30J Pneumatic Ferrule Crimper

    This FEK-30J pneumatic ferrule crimper for ferrules from 0.25 to 35 sqmm powered by air compressor can crimp different terminals with easy changing different crimping die sets, portable, productive and easy operation.

  • Multi-Core Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

    Discover the efficiency of our advanced Multi-Core Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine, designed for seamless stripping and crimping of USB data cables, power cables, earphone cables, audio cables, and more. This versatile equipment enables simultaneous multi-core wire stripping and crimping, ensuring 100% consistent crimping depth with the aid of compressed air to blow away scrap insulations. Equipped with an advanced CPU control system, it guarantees precision in every action, significantly enhancing work efficiency. With its reliability and flexibility, this machine is the ideal choice for optimizing production efficiency and ensuring top-notch crimping quality.

  • Pneumatic 8P-64P Connector IDC Crimper

    Revolutionize your cable crimping process with the 8P-64P IDC Connector Crimping Machine. Experience unparalleled efficiency as it automates crimping, delivering 300-600 pieces per hour. Precision-engineered for stable, high-quality outputs, its user-friendly operation ensures hassle-free maintenance. Upgrade now and embrace the future of precise, efficient crimping!

  • Ribbon Cable Splitting and Terminal Crimping Machine with Counter

    Introducing our Ribbon Cable Splitting and Terminal Crimping Machine with Counter! This advanced machine offers seamless replacement of the OTP transverse terminal crimping applicator, making it simpler and faster to debug. With a remarkable output of up to 12,000 pcs per hour, it boasts new NC debugging parameters and an LCD display. Say goodbye to complicated mold adjustments – our machine’s exquisite design reduces labor intensity and enhances production efficiency, effectively controlling undesirable rates. Easy to operate and maintenance-free for smooth operations.

  • Versatile Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

    Discover the power of our Versatile Terminal Crimping Machine – your ultimate wire termination solution. Seamlessly handle a diverse range of terminals, including unique and complex ones, thanks to its adaptable terminal crimping applicators. Experience precision and efficiency as you effortlessly achieve perfect crimps on various wire types and sizes. Elevate your production process with this high-performance crimping machine, offering unmatched flexibility, reliability, and exceptional results. Your wire termination challenges, conquered with ease.

  • Vibratory Feed Terminal Crimping Machine

    Vibratory feed terminal crimping machines are commonly used in scenarios where there is a need to handle a large volume of individual terminals for automated crimping processes. The vibratory feed system is especially useful when dealing with loose terminals that need to be sorted, oriented, and delivered in a controlled manner to the crimping machine. This type of machine is beneficial for high-speed production lines or applications that require precise and efficient terminal insertion and crimping without manual handling of individual terminals. It streamlines the process, reduces manual labor, and improves overall production efficiency.

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