Vibratory Feed Terminal Crimping Machine

Vibratory feed terminal crimping machines are commonly used in scenarios where there is a need to handle a large volume of individual terminals for automated crimping processes. The vibratory feed system is especially useful when dealing with loose terminals that need to be sorted, oriented, and delivered in a controlled manner to the crimping machine. This type of machine is beneficial for high-speed production lines or applications that require precise and efficient terminal insertion and crimping without manual handling of individual terminals. It streamlines the process, reduces manual labor, and improves overall production efficiency.

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1. Adopt the latest intelligent digital voltage regulation and vibration feeding controller, and add PLC program.
2. Cylinder and die are used to feed at the same time, so that the feeding is more accurate, faster, better stability, and basically no stuffing phenomenon.
3. Improving the design of slope track, speeding up the transmission of terminals, the stuffing basically disappeared.
4. 2T ultra-silent wire crimping machine, no noise, safer employees, using card-type mold, easy to unload.
5. Using infrared control, when the track is full of terminals, the vibrating disc stops automatically.
6. Replacing expensive continuous terminals and adopting economical bulk terminals can save cost.
7. It is the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises to replace singles electric small punches, improve the safety of workers and run at a speed comparable to that of connecting terminals.
Power Source: AC220V/50Hz
Power: Motor 250W / Vibrator bowl: 120W
Net Weight: 130kg
Dimension: 450x860x1360mm
Crimping: 2Ton
Slide Stroke: 30mm
Crimping Frequency: 120times per hour
Closure Height: 26mm
Closure Height Adjust: 10mm
Appropriate Terminal Type: Loose terminal
Production: 7200pcs/hour

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