The Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machines category includes machines that can automatically cut rolls of into sheets. These machines provide efficient and precise cutting solutions for various materials, such as poly film PVC, aluminum foil, and more. Some of the machines highlighted above, such as the Automatic Air Bubble Poly Film Cutting Machine and Cut To Length Reel To Sheet Cutting Machine For Aluminum Foil incorporate the roll to sheet cutting functionality. With this feature, these machines can significantly save time labor costs while improving product precision and consistency.
I hope this more clearly describes how the roll to cutting is an important feature of the Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machines category. Let me know if have any other questions or concerns.

  • Automatic Air Bubble Poly Film Cutting Machine

    This machine is primarily designed for positioning and cutting rolled/sheet materials to a fixed length. It utilizes a servo/stepper motor for material feeding, with a PLC screen/integrated keypad for easy operation. It allows for precise length, quantity, and speed settings, with the ability to cut individually or perform color mark positioning cutting.

  • Automatic Bottom Sealing and Cutting Machine For Making PVC Bags and Poly Mailers

    This automatic bottom sealing and cutting machine for pvc bags and poly mailers is designed for plastic bag making, and wide usability with various plastic films. It can be used for food packaging, medicine, daily cosmetics, local products, electrical components, clothing, cultural relics, and more. Despite its compact size, this machine offers powerful functions, including length customization, quantity customization, speed adjustment, and margin customization.

  • Automatic color sensor cutting machine with vision system

    This electric eye label cutting machine is also a fully automatic smart phone membrane and barcode cutter, it adopts high sentitive electric eye detection tool makes cutting fast and accuracy, easy operation for just only measure the distance of two marks then enter “length” value, then it runs automatically,widely used in washing labels, cloth labels, collar labels, various trademarks, stained paper, all kinds of self-adhesive paper, packaging bags, photographs, albums, magic stickers, etc.

  • Automatic Cutting Machine For Flexible Ribbon Cable

    This automatic cutting machine is suitable for various industries such as the electronics industry, electrical industry, battery industry, wire harness industry, motor industry, transformer industry, toys industry, medical equipment industry, agricultural machinery industry, bicycle and motorcycle accessories industry, pneumatic tools industry, and more. It is suitable for cutting heat shrinkable tubing, PVC pipes, wax pipes, fiberglass pipes, rubber pipes, sleeving, and other flexible pipe materials. It can also handle air bubble film, mica sheets, double-sided adhesive paper, copper strips, aluminum strips, aluminum foil, metal foil, etc. The machine features automatic feeding, cutting to a fixed length, stable operation, smooth cutting edges, adjustable cutting speed and output. The machine will sound an alarm when the material is finished cutting, and it can operate without the need for employee training or supervision.

  • Automatic Garment Print Label Supersonic Cutting Machine

    This automatic garment print label ultrasonic cutting machine features an imported ultrasonic generator and a Panasonic electronic eye for precise positioning and color tracing. Utilizing ultrasonic shearing technology, it achieves complete and exquisite incisions with sharp and flat cutting edges. Say goodbye to any rough or frayed edges – this cutter ensures a flawless shearing effect.

  • Automatic grosgrain ribbon cutting machine for cotton webbing nylon strap

    This grosgrain ribbon cutting machine offers numerous benefits that enhance its overall effectiveness and efficiency. It adopts microcomputer-controlled automatic programs that adjust cutting length while offering both hot and cold cutting options. In addition, it utilizes high-quality Japan imported heating pipes and white steel welding knives that provide longer service life. With upgraded accessories, users enjoy higher productivity and faster speed, while multiple cooling fans help reduce machine temperature. The triple plug and inner fuse ensure safe operations while cutting speed guarantees increased productivity.

  • Automatic Rope Wire Cable Seal Cutting Annealing Machine

    Automatic rope wire cable seal cutting annealing machine, its design is mainly aimed at problem from production and processing industries that a variety of lead-sealed wire rope,wire rope lock, sealing wire rope, blockade and so on batches of wire ropes after fusing, grinding and resolving the unstable quality of manual processing, a variety of processes, and increasingly serious labor difficulties, this fully automatic equipment can help save human labor, simplify the processing procedures, to reduce production costs and increase production capacity, multiple machines can be managed by one person at the same time.
    This equipment is widely used in medical equipment, auto parts, construction safety, office furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, locks and other industries. The high-precision touch-type computer control system makes the setting and changing of the fuse conditions easy, and good fuse quality can be obtained.


  • Cold and Hot Knife High-Speed Label Cutting Machine with Vision System

    This automatic cutting machine is designed for various labels, including woven, PVC, and adhesive labels. With a high-speed control system and precision photoelectric eye, it offers fast and accurate cutting up to 300 cycles per minute. The machine features waste discharge to maintain continuous operation and an anti-static device for neatly stacked slices. It also allows adjustable cutting and feeding speeds, ensuring cutting precision even at longer lengths. The control system offers multiple modes to meet different cutting requirements, displayed conveniently on a user-friendly LCD screen.

  • Cut To Length Reel To Sheet Cutting Machine For Aluminum Foil

    This aluminum foil roll to sheet cutting machine is a fully automatic foil guillotine cutter machine that cut the roll of foil to sheet in desired length, besides that aluminum and copper foils can be cut, non-woven fabric, wall paper, pvc film, PE film can be cut too.

  • Fully Automatic Brake Cable Cutting Machine

    This model 100S automatic clutch wire cutting machine is modified based on model 100, a fully automatic clutch wire cut to length machine driven by stepper motor, designed for cutting clutch wire, wire rope, aluminum sheet, copper sheet, welding tape, wire, cable, stainless steel wire, etc. set cutting length and quantity, auto feeding, working and stop.

  • HWN-86A Automatic Non Split Wire Loom Tubing Cutting Machine

    Introducing our versatile automatic cutting machine for non-split wire loom tubing, perfect for various industries including automotive, aerospace, and urban rail transportation. Designed specifically for corrugated tubing products with long cutting lengths and high precision requirements, this machine utilizes belt traction and displacement sensors for rapid and accurate operation. With its user-friendly PVC control interface and integrated circuit control system, maintenance becomes hassle-free. Experience the efficiency and reliability of our cutting machine for all your wiring harness and high voltage cabinet needs.

  • Versatile Automated Medical Tubing Cutter

    This model 100 automatic heat shrinkable tube cutting machine is a fully automatic shrink tube cut to length machine driven by stepper motor, designed for cutting heat shrink tube,soft tube,sleeve, ribbon cable,foil, paper and other thin and soft materials, set cutting length and quantity, auto feeding, working and stop.

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