Automatic grosgrain ribbon cutting machine for cotton webbing nylon strap

This grosgrain ribbon cutting machine offers numerous benefits that enhance its overall effectiveness and efficiency. It adopts microcomputer-controlled automatic programs that adjust cutting length while offering both hot and cold cutting options. In addition, it utilizes high-quality Japan imported heating pipes and white steel welding knives that provide longer service life. With upgraded accessories, users enjoy higher productivity and faster speed, while multiple cooling fans help reduce machine temperature. The triple plug and inner fuse ensure safe operations while cutting speed guarantees increased productivity.

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Automatic cotton webbing cutting machine for grosgrain ribbon nylon strap


1.The webbing cutting machine features an advanced microcomputer-controlled automatic program that allows for seamless adjustment of cutting length through computer program inputs.
2.The webbing cutter offers versatile cutting options with both hot and cold functions. Simply activate the temperature control switch to enjoy efficient hot cutting with a clean and burr-free result. Alternatively, switch to cold cutting without the need to change any tools.
3.The use of high-quality heating pipes imported from Japan and durable white steel welding knives ensures an extended service life for the webbing cutting machine.
4.Elevate your webbing cutting experience with upgraded accessories that guarantee improved efficiency and faster cutting speeds.
5.Experience prolonged working hours with the webbing cutting machine’s multiple large cooling fans that effectively reduce machine temperature. This allows for extended use of the hot and cold cutting functions.
6.The cold cutting feature is mainly designed for applications involving Velcro, zipper belts, and similar materials. On the other hand, the hot cutting function is specifically designed for nylon belts, ensuring a heated cut edge.
7.Benefit from increased productivity with the cutting speed of the machine. For example, when the cutting tape length is set at 5CM, the machine can effortlessly cut 100 pieces per minute.
8.For enhanced safety, the webbing cutting machine is equipped with a triple plug that is both machine and grounded, ensuring protection through an inner fuse mechanism.

Product name: Fully Automatic Hot Cold Cutting MachineBlade: Cold/Hot Cutter
Cutting Width:100mm (can be custom)Temperature: 360 degree
Power: electricity 90W heater tube: 500WCutting speed: 110pcs/min (example as 50mm)
Cutting length:1-9999mmPower:110v/220v 60hz/50hz


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