• 0.1-4.5 SQMM Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

    This 0.1-4.5 sqmm automatic wire cutting stripping machine is a fully automatic wire stripper machine for hookup wire that can precise cut and full or partial strip stranded wire, pvc wire, electric wire, teflon wire,multi-step stripping, batch processing, greatly increase productivity, set parameters then press start, unmanned working.

  • Automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with shortest insulation length for AWG16 to AWG32 wires

    This most advanced electronic product has more compact structure design, more wires can be processed, and higher precision. All debugging actions are completed in the LCD panel.  automatic wire cutting and stripping machine with shortest insulation length for AWG16 to AWG32 wires efficiency is more than 30% faster than the traditional model. According to the requirements, the cutting speed can be adjusted (0-9 level) to complete the three sectors stripping requirements.

  • AutoStrip Max 70mm² Battery Cable Cutter Stripper

    This cutting-edge machine features the latest 641-bit intelligent control system, a user-friendly Chinese and English switching LCD display, and touch screen operation. It can store up to 100 sets of information, allowing easy access for fast and efficient operations. With high-end configuration and precision, it ensures error-free length cutting and achieves high output rates. This versatile machine is perfect for lamp wires, power cords, flat power cords, and it also serves as an all-in-one solution for stripping the outer sheath and core wire of data cables. Experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency with this advanced wire processing equipment.

  • AutoStrip Max 70mm² Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

    Introducing the AutoStrip Max 70mm² Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine, equipped with the latest 641-bit intelligent control system and a user-friendly touch screen interface for efficient operations. Easily store and access hundreds of data sets, while setting customizable cutting and stripping lengths for various wire processing needs. Designed for thick wire processing, this versatile machine is suitable for electronic wires, new energy wires, automotive power distribution box cables, BV, BVR, PVC, and more. Experience precise and professional results with the AutoStrip Max and elevate your wire processing capabilities today.

  • Cable Stripping Machine For Scrap Copper Recycling

    This cable stripping machine for scrap copper recycling has multiple stripping channels for different wire sizes, you only need to put the wires into a suitable channel, the upper blade and bottom blade will slash open the outside insulation respectively, then the inner copper can be taken out easily.

  • Full Or Partial Stripping Machine For Submersible 3 Core Flat Cable

    This 3 core flat cable stripping machine, is a full or partial stripping machine for submersible 3 core flat cable can cut strip outer jacket and pvc insulations simultaneously,wire head & tail stripping length can reach 100mm above.

  • Wire Stripping Machine Cut Strip Twist Stranded Wire

    This wire stripping machine cut strip twist stranded wire is an automated THHN wire stripper twister machine for precise cut strip hookup wire and shortest twist 30mm, wire head stripping upto 35mm, wire tail stripping upto 20mm, wire 0.1 to 4.5sqmm is applicable.

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