• Automatic Dual Wire Stripping Machine

    This automatic dual wire stripping machine features the latest 32-bit intelligent control system with a user-friendly LCD display and touch screen operation. It can store hundreds of information sets for quick and efficient access. Perfect for processing electronic wires, PVC, braided wire, silicone wire, high-temperature wire, Teflon wire, and isolation wire, with adjustable cutting and stripping capabilities, providing convenience and precision.

  • Automatic Multi Twist Tin 10-Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

    Introducing our advanced Automatic Multi-function Tinning Machine! Process 10 wires from AWG32 to AWG26 at once, with cutting, stripping, twisting, and tinning capabilities. Adjust tinning depth with a minimum cutting length of 8mm. Effortlessly handle single-end/double-end stripping, twisting, and precise tinning. Low-maintenance, unmanned operation, and automatic alerts after processing. Boost efficiency and productivity. Experience precision and versatility with this powerful tinning machine! Explore more now!

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