Presenting our cutting-edge Automatic Wire Cutting and Crimping Machines, precision and efficiency tailored for diverse industrial needs. Discover two variants: Automatic Double Wires Three Terminals Crimping Machine – streamline production and ensure reliable connections with ease, and Automatic Wire Terminal Crimping Machine for Crimping Wire Head and Tail – saving time while ensuring precise crimping. Elevate manufacturing with our advanced machines, setting new industry standards.

  • Fully Automatic Double Wires Three Terminals Crimping Machine

    This wire pin terminal crimping machine is high degree of automatic mechanical equipment, through the simple training ordinary worker can operate two fully automatic numerical control terminal crimping machines for crimping three terminals to splice two wires.

  • Fully Automatic Double-Ends Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

    Introducing our fully automatic AWG32-14 double heads wire terminal crimping machine – a seamless blend of convenience and precision. With its true color touch screen, operation becomes effortless. The precise stepping motor and driver ensure stability and accuracy throughout the process.

    Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable parameters via the touch screen interface. Easily set whether the wire ends should be fully or partially stripped, and if they need to be crimped.

    Experience ultimate control as you adjust wire cutting length, stripping length, and incision depth, all with a simple touch on the screen.

    Our crimping device features a universal mute terminal crimping machine, ensuring low noise and stable performance. It’s also capable of accommodating transverse or direct applicators, making it a versatile solution for your wire terminal crimping needs.

  • Fully Automatic Gold Plated Contact Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

    Equipped with reliable high-precision technology, CM-D01 uses a compact module design, the highest speed of processing can be up to 5000pcs per hour, a variety of configuration options can be directly processed wire harness from AWG18 to AWG28, use the optimal combination of components to ensure excellent productivity.

  • Fully Automatic Ribbon Cable Single-Head Crimping Machine

    Introducing our state-of-the-art Fully Automatic Ribbon Cable Single-Head Crimping Machine. The user-friendly computer touch screen with a Chinese/English interface ensures easy learning and operation. Swift and efficient process and material replacement guarantee high precision, fast production, and simplified maintenance.

    This advanced machine utilizes a servo control system with two sets of domestic servo motors/drivers and three sets of stepper motors, ensuring reliable performance. Equipped with Yadeke cylinders, it features reliable pneumatic components for enhanced functionality.

    Experience smooth and precise movements with the threaded rod guide from Taiwan CPC/HIWIN. The intuitive Kinco (Taiwan) color touch screen allows for effortless control.

    With comprehensive computer numerical control debugging, you can precisely adjust blade size, wire cutting length, stripping length, immersion depth in soldering flux, and soldering immersion depth through the touch screen interface. Upgrade your production process with our Fully Automatic Ribbon Cable Single-Head Crimping Machine.

  • Fully Automatic Single Head Wire Crimping Machine

    The fully automatic single head wire crimping machine, also known as the fully automatic wire cutting, stripping, and crimping machine, is an innovative equipment that has emerged in recent years for wire processing. This versatile machine combines feeding, cutting, stripping, and crimping functions, offering a humanized and intelligent solution with advanced technology.

    Designed to cater to the needs of large, medium, and small enterprises, this fully automatic single head wire crimping machine significantly reduces the need for manual labor. It streamlines the wire processing workflow, improving overall efficiency and productivity. With its high-end features and user-friendly interface, this machine stands as a cutting-edge solution in the wire processing industry.

  • Fully Automatic Wire Cutting Single End Stripping Crimping Machine

    This fully automatic wire cutter terminal machine adopts stepper motor and CNC digital debugging system to provide fully automatic wire cutting, single end stripping, double ends stripping, single end twisting, single end crimping and multi step stripping, easy operation, increase productivity to 6100 pcs per hour, stable performance.

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