Fully Automatic Single Head Wire Crimping Machine

The fully automatic single head wire crimping machine, also known as the fully automatic wire cutting, stripping, and crimping machine, is an innovative equipment that has emerged in recent years for wire processing. This versatile machine combines feeding, cutting, stripping, and crimping functions, offering a humanized and intelligent solution with advanced technology.

Designed to cater to the needs of large, medium, and small enterprises, this fully automatic single head wire crimping machine significantly reduces the need for manual labor. It streamlines the wire processing workflow, improving overall efficiency and productivity. With its high-end features and user-friendly interface, this machine stands as a cutting-edge solution in the wire processing industry.

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This fully automatic single-head wire crimping machine has high precision, high speed, stripping, twisting and crimping end detection system. Digital control interface, the use of optical, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, magnetic integration of work power, imported electrical accessories, easy to operate, save time.

Product features

English display, wire processing of the length and size, knife depth, crimping position and so on is set by the button, easy to operate, learn and understand, low maintenance costs. It can quickly and effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce labor costs, enhance the profit of enterprises, and bring some help to the survival and development of enterprises.


Model No.HWN-801 (one end wire crimping, the other wire twisting)
Size (LxWxH):1060x600x1380mm
Display:English/Chinese touch screen
Power Source:AC220/50Hz
Processing Length:0.1-99999.9mm (rubber insulation in the medium will be retained)
Speed/Production:3500 pcs/hour if not wire twisting (wire length:100mm), 3300 pcs/hour if wire twisting. (specific production is decided by wire specification)
Cutting error:can be adjusted
Twisting length:3mm-20mm (expected range)
Stripping length:0.1mm-25mm (expected range)
Appropriate range:AWG32-AWG16
Application:electric wire, high temperature wire and etc.
Blade material:tungsten steel/alloy
Wire diameter adjustment:can be adjusted
Stripping quality:excellent
High precision decimal point:yes
Driving mode:four rollers driven simultaneously
Pressure adjustment while stripping:can be adjusted
Detector:crimping detector, wire lack detector, knot detector
Auxiliary device:terminal waste paper rewinding device, terminal waste cut-off device
Crimping force:2.0T

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