Fully Automatic Double-Ends Wire Terminal Crimping Machine

Introducing our fully automatic AWG32-14 double heads wire terminal crimping machine – a seamless blend of convenience and precision. With its true color touch screen, operation becomes effortless. The precise stepping motor and driver ensure stability and accuracy throughout the process.

Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable parameters via the touch screen interface. Easily set whether the wire ends should be fully or partially stripped, and if they need to be crimped.

Experience ultimate control as you adjust wire cutting length, stripping length, and incision depth, all with a simple touch on the screen.

Our crimping device features a universal mute terminal crimping machine, ensuring low noise and stable performance. It’s also capable of accommodating transverse or direct applicators, making it a versatile solution for your wire terminal crimping needs.

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Product name:Fully automatic double-ends wire terminal crimping machine
Wire size:0.08-3.0mm2 (AWG#32-14)
Production:both-ends crimping: 4500 bars per hour (decided by different wire cutting length)
Function:both-ends full stripping, both-ends partial stripping, both-ends terminal crimping
Wire Cutting Length:35-9999 mm
Cutting Accuracy:0.2 + (set cut-off length * 0.002)
Wire Stripping Length:Wire front stripping: 1.00-15.00/25.00 mm;

Wire tail stripping: 1.00-8.00 mm

Detection device:Wire detection, wire knotting detection, improper crimping detection, etc.
Power Source:Single phase: AC220V 20A

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