Introducing our Tubing Cutting Machines, specifically designed for precise cutting of various materials like PVC, Latex, Yellow Wax, Teflon, and Silicone Rubber Tubes. The Automatic Non-Split Wire Loom Tubing Cutting Machine utilizes peak cutting technology, ensuring the tubes maintain their circular cross-section intact. Moreover, this machine offers the option for automatic tube splitting, reducing labor costs significantly. Experience cutting-edge efficiency and automation with our state-of-the-art cutting technology. Simplify your tubing cutting process with our reliable and advanced Automatic Non-Split Wire Loom Tubing Cutting Machine.

  • HWN-86A Automatic Non Split Wire Loom Tubing Cutting Machine

    Introducing our versatile automatic cutting machine for non-split wire loom tubing, perfect for various industries including automotive, aerospace, and urban rail transportation. Designed specifically for corrugated tubing products with long cutting lengths and high precision requirements, this machine utilizes belt traction and displacement sensors for rapid and accurate operation. With its user-friendly PVC control interface and integrated circuit control system, maintenance becomes hassle-free. Experience the efficiency and reliability of our cutting machine for all your wiring harness and high voltage cabinet needs.

  • Versatile Automated Medical Tubing Cutter

    This model 100 automatic heat shrinkable tube cutting machine is a fully automatic shrink tube cut to length machine driven by stepper motor, designed for cutting heat shrink tube,soft tube,sleeve, ribbon cable,foil, paper and other thin and soft materials, set cutting length and quantity, auto feeding, working and stop.

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