• Automatic H05VV-F Multi Conductor Cable Stripping Machine

    The Automatic 2-5 cores H05VV-F Multi Conductor Cable Stripping Machine is designed to effortlessly cut and strip the outer jacket as well as PVC insulation from H05VV-F 2/3/4/5 core cables. It ensures the utmost protection for core copper wires, preventing any harm. With the ability to store up to 100 distinct programs for convenient retrieval, it offers seamless operation, unmanned functionality, and exceptional performance.

  • Pneumatic H05VV-F Cable Stripping Machine

    This pneumatic H05VV-F cable stripping machine is suitable for simultaneous peeling pvc outer sheath and pvc insulations of TTR multi conductor cable, such as, data cable, power cord and etc, more convenient for adjusting stripping length, comparing to manual cable peeling tool, it will save human labor and easy operation.

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