• Benchtop Multicore Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

    This benchtop multicore cable stripping and crimping machine utilizes advanced frequency conversion technology for precise motor control. It efficiently completes wire stripping and terminal crimping in one step, boasting low noise, power-saving, and high-speed capabilities. Ideal for ultra-fine and multi-core shielded wires. The wire stripping action is cylinder-driven, ensuring fast and accurate positioning. Vacuum suction removes scraps after stripping, providing a clean and convenient process. The press machine, driven by gear reduction, delivers precise and high-pressure control. Operators can adjust the speed through the control panel to match their proficiency. Pneumatic components from reputable brands ensure durability and accuracy, suitable for tape and reel terminals or connectors with uniform positioning.

  • Ribbon Cable Splitting and Terminal Crimping Machine with Counter

    Introducing our Ribbon Cable Splitting and Terminal Crimping Machine with Counter! This advanced machine offers seamless replacement of the OTP transverse terminal crimping applicator, making it simpler and faster to debug. With a remarkable output of up to 12,000 pcs per hour, it boasts new NC debugging parameters and an LCD display. Say goodbye to complicated mold adjustments – our machine’s exquisite design reduces labor intensity and enhances production efficiency, effectively controlling undesirable rates. Easy to operate and maintenance-free for smooth operations.

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