Multi-Core Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine

Discover the efficiency of our advanced Multi-Core Cable Stripping and Crimping Machine, designed for seamless stripping and crimping of USB data cables, power cables, earphone cables, audio cables, and more. This versatile equipment enables simultaneous multi-core wire stripping and crimping, ensuring 100% consistent crimping depth with the aid of compressed air to blow away scrap insulations. Equipped with an advanced CPU control system, it guarantees precision in every action, significantly enhancing work efficiency. With its reliability and flexibility, this machine is the ideal choice for optimizing production efficiency and ensuring top-notch crimping quality.

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Model No.: HWN-809
Product Profile:
Put the multi conductor cables (multi core wires) of jacket cable whose jacket has been stripped into the designated clamp, and the machine automatically completes wire stripping and terminal crimping. Workers only need a simple wiring action to complete, no need too much experience required for workers. Compact structure design, use OTP standard applicator whose changing, maintenance and debugging are simple and easy to understand. The machine is small size, small spacing, stable performance, strong applicability, simple operation, easy maintenance and other characteristics.
Applicable Wire Range: AWG18-AWG30
Voltage: 220V
Power: 750W
Production efficiency: 700-800 pcs per hour
Performance characteristics:
Integrating production technology to reduce the workload of operators
High stability, according to the needs of factories, design functions that meet the needs of product production.

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