Automatic Multi Twist Tin 10-Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

Introducing our advanced Automatic Multi-function Tinning Machine! Process 10 wires from AWG32 to AWG26 at once, with cutting, stripping, twisting, and tinning capabilities. Adjust tinning depth with a minimum cutting length of 8mm. Effortlessly handle single-end/double-end stripping, twisting, and precise tinning. Low-maintenance, unmanned operation, and automatic alerts after processing. Boost efficiency and productivity. Experience precision and versatility with this powerful tinning machine! Explore more now!

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1. Compact, compact design, excellent user-friendly design, small footprint.
2. Digital smart touch screen and button Chinese operation menu is easy to learn and use.
3. It can store 100 sets of processing procedures, and replace the process and materials quickly.
4. Adopt high-speed DSP distributed control system, silent hybrid servo drive, high precision and fast speed.
5. Straight pipe feeding, no matter whether there is no wire blocking in the large wire feeding, it is more stable, and the finished wire harness is placed more neatly.
6. The blade device adopts the card position positioning installation, and the installation of the single tube is easy to understand, faster and saves labor.
7. The twisting mechanism has an automatic reset function, and the wire diameter does not need to be adjusted to achieve universal twisting.
8. The built-in circuit has all abnormal signal indicators. It is more convenient to check the fault condition and eliminate the fault.
9. The company provides training, installation, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance of one-stop service.
10. Full digital debugging.


Power supply: AC220V/5060HZ single-phase
Functions: Wire cutting, single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end twisting, double-end twisting, single-end twisting and tinning, double-end twisting and tinning.
Productivity: 16000-22000 pcs per hour (decided by the wire cutting length) AWG32-AWG26 cutting eight wires,  AWG18 cutting four wires, production capacity varies according to wire type and size.
Appropriate Wire Range: hookup diameter 0.3mm-3.0mm (AWG32-AWG18)
Cutting length: the longest is 9999mm and the shortest is 8mm.
Stripping length: 0.0mm-10mm
Twisting length: 3.0mm-10mm
Tinning length: 1mm-10mm
Air pressure: 6kgf (clean and dry air is required)
Dimension: 670Wx840Lx1200H (mm)
Net Weight: about 310KG

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