Automatic Wire Cut Strip Tin Dip Soldering Machine

This automatic wire cut strip tin dip soldering machine has automatic wire feeding, wire cutting, double-end peeling, double-end twisting, double-end tinning and 8 wires can be processed at the same time, has the function of automatic smoking, which can reduce the harm of flux smoke to human body and can automatically send tin wire, the insulations can be automatically collected in the bag after stripping, the operation screen KINCO7 inch all Chinese/English version, the computer turns the knife, does not need the pad gasket, controlled by computer, including wire length, stripping, stripping length, tin dipping depth, etc.

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Model: DG-01BS
Power supply: AC220V/50/60HZ single phase
Function: wire cutting, single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end partial stripping, double-end partial stripping, double-end twisting, single-end tinning, double-ended tinning, can be customized for ribbon cable.
Wire processing range: AWG# 32- AWG#18, wire diameter from 0.6MM to 3.2MM
Productivity: 7000-13000 pcs/hour, (depending on the wire)
Cutting length: 10-600MM (special length can be set)
Cutting accuracy: 0.2卤0.02*L (length)
Stripping length: 0-7MM (customized above 7mm)
Twisted line length: 3-7MM
Dip tin length: 0.5-7MM
Air pressure: 5-6 kg
Machine size: 1210*770*1370 (without protrusions)
Body weight: about 400kg

Main component configuration
The machine uses Hechuan servo motor: (6 sets)
Pneumatic components: solenoid valve + cylinder + air pipe (SMC)
Air pressure detection: SMC
Screw guide: Taiwan HIWIN
Controller: US RAM computer control system
Color touch screen: KINCO
Full CNC debugging: knife size, stripping length, tinning depth

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