Automatic color sensor cutting machine with vision system

This electric eye label cutting machine is also a fully automatic smart phone membrane and barcode cutter, it adopts high sentitive electric eye detection tool makes cutting fast and accuracy, easy operation for just only measure the distance of two marks then enter “length” value, then it runs automatically,widely used in washing labels, cloth labels, collar labels, various trademarks, stained paper, all kinds of self-adhesive paper, packaging bags, photographs, albums, magic stickers, etc.

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This high-sensitivity Japanese import optical fiber from Panasonic is used as an electronic eye detection tool. It ensures fast reaction speed without compromising detection accuracy.
The LCD display is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to operate, allowing users to quickly understand and navigate.
To automatically cut materials, all you need to do is measure the distance between two marks and input the value as the “length” on the machine.
This optical fiber sensor can detect a wide range of chromatic aberrations, regardless of pattern or color changes.
It is widely utilized in various applications such as washing labels, cloth labels, collar labels, different trademarks, stained paper, self-adhesive paper, packaging bags, photographs, albums, and magic stickers, among others.

Model No.Blade TypeCutting WidthCutting LengthCutting AccuracyCutting Thickness
HZX-100SUpper Lower Blade1-95mm0-9999.9mm0.1mm0.5mm
HZX-200SUpper Lower Blade1-180mm0-9999.9mm0.1mm0.5mm
HZX-300SUpper Lower Blade1-280mm0-9999.9mm0.1mm0.7mm
HZX-400SUpper Lower Blade1-380mm0-9999.9mm0.1mm0.8mm

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