basic operation method of 3F pneumatic cable stripping machine

Operation method of 3F pneumatic cable stripping machine: 1, the air inlet pipe connecting the air supply 4.5-7kg/ 2 cm 2, the power cord plug into the 220V 50Hz power supply 3, the foot switch to make the cylinder action 4, as shown in Figure two, trimming operation key: loosen the nut in middle of headless screw,nut 1 control upper clamp block up and bottom; nut 2 control knife mold up and bottom, with different thickness of wire, the nut turn up (counterclockwise) is [...]

Solutions For Failure Of Automatic Wire Stripper

1.) run silent appear “Err02”: fuse is broken, replace it and try again, if broken again, need to replace one of the drive board. 2.) run but immediately shut down to display “Err02”: wire section is too thick, too fast, slow adjustment again; insufficient voltage stabilized power supply, with independent; cutter head sensor dust or knife head sensor positioning sheet change position, need to clean up or iron re-positioning. 3.) show “Err01” wire cut several pieces and automatic shutdown: clearance of [...]

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