Unveiling the Marvel of Pneumatic Wire Strippers: Precision at Your Fingertips

Greetings, Esteemed Patrons!

Prepare to embark on a journey through the realm of wire stripping wizardry, where the hum of machinery and the finesse of technology converge. In the grand theater of wire processing, our Pneumatic Stripping Machines take center stage, wielding their prowess with unrivaled precision and charm.

Setting the Stage: Mastering the Basics

Behold the entrance to this mechanical symphony: the intake manifold, where the source of gas magic awaits, poised at 4.5-7kg/cm². Power, the heartbeat of this performance, flows through a 220V 50Hz supply, bringing life to the pneumatic wonder before you. A single step on the pedal sets the cylinders into graceful motion, a dance of efficiency and power.

A Tale of Twin Blades: Crafting Wire Magic

Our double-knives model, a true virtuoso, stands ready for its encore – wire cutting and stripping in harmonious rhythm. Attention, dear patrons, to the following enchantments:

a) The gap between cutter and stripper, an exquisite detail, rests at a bewitching 1.5mm – no gasket required.

b) Should gaskets appear, tread with care to maintain a uniform thickness, evading the lamentable collision of dies.

c) Add or subtract gaskets in accordance with your desire – a pair of 1.5mm for 3.0mm stripping, as magic unfurls: 1.5 + 1.5 = 3.0mm.

d) For lengthier dreams of stripping, remove a blade, and a single knife shall weave your desires, controlled by the gears’ whispered secrets.

A Dance of Precision: The Art of Adjustment

As the curtains rise, the orchestration of cylinders begins. Debug with finesse, locking the headless screw, and the main cylinder stands sentinel, bracing against wire’s embrace. Stroke adjust nut, a maestro of movement, shapes the dance – forward for a half-stripping waltz, and rear for an extended tango. Stripping attains perfection; the nut secures it all, while the air valves murmur secrets of finesse.

Trimming Nuts and a Symphony Unveiled

Two trimming nuts, your keys to transformation, await your command. Loosen the headless screw, and the magic unfurls: Nut 1 lifts the upper clamp block with a flourish, while Nut 2 guides the knife die’s dance. For wires of varied thickness, a twist to the left (counterclockwise) bestows a tender embrace, and a twist to the right (clockwise) unveils a gracious release.

Pneumatic Power Unleashed: A Symphony of Applications

But this tale extends beyond the stage – the Pneumatic Cable Stripper’s artistry finds its purpose:

  1. A pneumatic overture, conducted by magnetic valve control.
  2. A mastery of proximity, perfect for computer cables and ultra-short wires.
  3. Velocity finds its home – partial stripping, full stripping, a crescendo of speed and precision.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow the Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine to cast its spell, weaving the threads of technology and finesse into a masterpiece of wire handling. Experience the wonder today!

With the symphony of machinery,

Mechanical Maestro of After-Sales Care

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