Recently, through keyword search on the Internet, more and more customers are looking for information about how to operate the automatic wire cutting stripping machine. Next, I will teach you how to operate this machine.

This motorized wire stripper is an automatic wire cutting and stripping machine for intelligent processing of electronic wire harness. With stable automatic equipment, the production can be carried out intelligently only after the corresponding technical parameters are set. The operation steps are as follows:

1. First, switch on the machine, connect the gas valve to the air pipe, and check whether the connection line in the circuit board of the equipment is complete, and start when everything is ready

2. Put the wire to be processed through the wire feeding port, wire feeding rollers, wire conduit, cutter, etc.

3. Set various technical parameters on the touch control panel of the machine, such as the total length of wire cutting, the total stripping length of wire head and tail, or partial stripping, etc

4. After setting the technical parameters, the single step test mode can be used for inspection. Under normal conditions, the first wire is waste, and the second finished product is taken as reference

5. Once there is no problem, the total amount of production can be set, and then the operation can be carried out in fully automatic mode.

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