Advantages of automatic strip cutter

Let’s talk about the advantages of automatic strip cutter: 1. The cutting speed can be adjusted at different speeds for different fabrics. 2. The cutting board of this machine is equipped with a special air flotation blowing device, which can reduce the weight of the cut piece and the resistance formed by the cutting board, make the piece easy to move, and cut small pieces more accurately. 3. Equipped with a hair hook removing device to eliminate the hair hooks of the [...]

What are advantages of the automatic roll to sheet cutting machine?

The automatic roll to sheet cutting machine we produce is suitable for cutting special-shaped and narrow strips of materials such as foam, diffuser, double-sided tape, copper and aluminum foil, saving time and labor, and greatly improving production efficiency. The main advantages are as follows: 1. The design of the equipment is silent, reducing the noise of the working environment. 2. Centralized (outdoor) exhaust to reduce dust and improve the production environment. 3. The equipment is equipped with a self-diagnosis function (when a failure [...]

Automatic reel to sheet cutting machine mainly adopts digital automatic operation control system

This automatic reel to sheet cutting machine mainly adopts a digital automatic operation control system, which is simple and convenient to operate. The machine can automatically cut after setting the program. The automatic reel to sheet cutting machine mainly adopts single or multiple simultaneous cutting according to different materials. The temperature can be adjusted according to different materials, and the speed can be adjusted at will. Mainly adopt microcomputer numerical control device to set cutting length. This automatic reel to [...]

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