When Your Automatic Grosgrain Ribbon Cutting Machine Refuses to Cut

Is your Automatic Grosgrain Ribbon Cutting Machine giving you a hard time by not cutting as it should? Dive into this fascinating exploration of common issues and solutions:

1. Broken Knife Bearing:

  • Investigate the cause and replace the faulty bearing.

2. Middle Knife Wear:

  • Learn how to handle worn middle knives by replacing or using the unused side.

3. Broken Tube Pin:

  • Discover a simple fix for a broken tube pin using a small punch.

4. Over-Tightened Adjustment:

  • Uncover the hexagon socket set screw for adjusting the tension and make the necessary tweaks.

5. Oily Slippery Sheet or Drive Belt:

  • Find out how to clean and assemble components affected by oil.

6. Loose Transmission Belt:

  • Learn the steps to tighten the transmission belt by adjusting the frame seat or motor.

7. Thin PP Strap or Roller Gap:

  • Understand the ideal gap between unwinding rollers and adjust it accordingly.

8. Faulty Magnetron (Belt Cutting Sensor):

  • Explore solutions for magnetic sheet issues or sensor damage.

9. Crossbar Balance Adjustment:

  • Ensure the crossbar’s balance position is correctly adjusted for optimal performance.

Unravel the mysteries of your Automatic Grosgrain Ribbon Cutting Machine and keep your ribbon printing and cutting tasks running smoothly.

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