Common faults and solutions of belt loop cutter

Next, we will continue to share with you the troubleshooting methods that often occur in the daily practical use of automatic belt loop cutter, and how to deal with a series of fault problems. 1. When using hot cutting, the tape cannot be cut (1) Check whether the temperature reaches the preset temperature. (2) Check whether the hot knife is heated. 2. No power supply (1) Check whether the power connection plug is in good contact. (2) Check whether the fuse is disconnected. 3. There is [...]

Working environment of automated velcro tape cutter

The automated velcro tape cutter is composed of a cutter and a knife frame. The knife frame is installed on a base. Its innovation is: a symmetrical vertical mounting plate is fixed on the base, and the mounting plate is vertically guided between the mounting plates. The frame-shaped knife holder is movably installed, the top of the knife holder is horizontally fixed with a cutting knife, and the bottom end of the knife holder is driven by a cam [...]

Common faults of automated velcro tape cutter

Next, we will share with you the maintenance methods that often occur in the daily practical use of this automated velcro tape cutter. 1. The cutter keeps cutting, how to deal with no feeding? (1) Whether the materials are used up, please replace with new materials. (2) Check whether the material is loaded or the pressure plate falls into the groove. (3) If everything is normal, check whether the travel switch is stuck and does not bounce back. 2. The length of the cut [...]

Velcro tape auto cutter does not cut the tape

1.The bearing of knife is broken in the automatic strip cutter. Check the reason, replace the bearing. 2. Wear of the middle knife. The middle knife has cutting edges on both sides, one side can be worn and the other side can be used or replaced with a new knife. 3. The tube pin of the middle knife is broken. Use a small punch to punch out the broken pin and install a new pipe pin. 4. The tightening force is adjusted [...]

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